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Tainan Chin Chang Electrical Co., Ltd. has been established for more than 50 years. It has built own brand with quality and design, and insist on a stable and pragmatic operating style. Most importantly, service customers first is our company concept.

In the turbulent current of the century, the industrial environment has been forced to change rapidly. The company is still dedicated to research in technology. However, in the face of the coming of the new era, Mr. Chen Lung sheng, has not forgotten to follow the pace of generations, and he led all the staff to break through the thinking of traditional industries and embark on the territory of technology and wisdom. Implementing quality characteristics and detail standards in the equipment manufacturing process is the purpose that Tainan Chin Chang has always adhered to.
Listening attentively to the needs of customers, combining technology, service, quality, continuously satisfying and increasing customer satisfaction with products, and then exploring domestic and foreign markets to strengthen the company. In this globalized market, we can still achieve customers&qpos; best satisfaction and ultimately trust.

The company&qpos;s heat treatment furnace equipment includes annealing, tempering, normalization, spheroidization annealing, quenching, solid solution, carburizing, nitriding, sintering, brazing and other batch and continuous heat treatment furnaces. The undertaking industries include iron and steel industry, copper industry, aluminum industry, screw and wire industry, automobile and motorcycle parts, bicycle parts, hardware, tools, molds, bearing gears, powder alchemy and many more. Tainan Chin Chang embraces the world with service and integrity. Welcome people from deferent country to discuss cooperation with us, or consult new technology furnaces, and work to develop together!